Maritime courses

ETC "Admiral" offer a lot of different courses for officers and ratings in all specialities.

Shipowners, crewings and seafarers can find list of available courses below.

Certification training:

1. Engine-Room Resource Managment (Managment Level)

2. Engine-Room Resource Managment (Operation Level)

3. Training of GMDSS operators (Limited Certificate)

4. Training of GMDSS operators (General Certificate)

5. Training on Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (Operation Level)

6. Training on Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (Managment Level)

7. ECDIS generic training

8. Organization of ship navigation

9. Bridge resourse managment (Managment Level)

10. Bridge resourse managment (Operation Level)

Safety and security:

1. Ship security officer

2. Training for designated security duties

3. Security awareness training for all seafarers

4. Ship safety officer

Specialized courses for different types of vessels:

1. Training of officers and ratings on ro-ro passenger ships

2. Training of the ship officers and ratings responsible for cargo operations on the vessels carrying dangerous cargoes in bulk and in pack

3. Inert gas system

4. Crude oil washing

5. Advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations 

6. Advanced training for chemical tanker cargo operations 

7. Advanced training for gas tanker cargo operations 

8. Basic training for gas tanker cargo operations

9. Basic training for oil and  chemical tanker cargo operations

General training for officers and ratings:

1. Medical care on board ship

2. Medical first aid

3. Training in advanced fire fighting

4. Proficiency in fast rescue boats

5.  Proficiency in life boats, life rafts and rescue boats which are not fast rescue boats

6. Safety familiarization, basic training and instructions for all seafarers

7. Usage of breathing apparatus training